Inshallah Kashmir: Living Terror

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Kumar, Ashvin, director.
Kashmiri, English, Hindi.
India, 2012.
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DVD-ROM (81 min.)


This film is the story of a conflict recounted as personal history, and that of present-day Kashmir. A series of counterpointed testimonies, the heartbreaking coming-of-age of a people brutalized by two decades of militancy and its terrible response. Together they provide a sense of what it is like to be living terror and the irony of living with terror under the watch of a secular, democratic republic, India. Today Kashmir is all about army, crackdowns, curfews, widows, orphans, rape, enforced disappearances, fake- encounters, mass graves, sadistic torture and trauma, and new categories of people like 'half-widows'. Twenty years of atrocities have altered the average Kashmiri’s perception of ‘normalcy’. And yet, there are not a more congenial, generous, warm-hearted and cultured people than them. The film gives a human face to militancy and the plight of the average Kashmiri. It demands a solution to this endless and mindless conflict. This is the story of Indian democracy, the grand experiment that was founded with Indian independence from the British. Of how it has been tested in Kashmir, and found wanting.


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Verzio Film Festival Submission


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