HU OSA 300-85-11 Sobranie Dokumentov Samizdata

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HU OSA 300-85-11
Sobranie Dokumentov Samizdata
1972 - 1978
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12 Archival box, 1.5 linear meters

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This series contains the full set (30 volumes, volumes 10 and 21 issued in two parts) of Sobranie Dokumentov Samizdata (Collection of Samizdat Documents) of approximately 600 pages each. Sobranie Dokumentov Samizdata (SDS) is the title a of multi-volume publication started by the Research Department of Radio Liberty at the beginning of 1972. It reproduced the texts of samizdat documents in the original language in order to make them available to the public. 15 volumes reproduce registered Samizdat documents in their sequential order from AS 1 to AS 1699 while other volumes organized topically and contain the samizadat documents related, for example, to the Russian Orthodox Church, Crimean tatar samizdat, Jewish samizdat jounrnals, Ukrainian and Lithuanian samizdat, and so on. The collection includes such samizdat periodicals as the Chronicle of Current Events (Khronika tekushchikh sobytii), Veche, Political Diary (Politicheskii dnevnik) The last volume of the publication contains An Outline. Samizdat documents in SDS "...are exact reproductions of the texts in the original document on file in the Archive Samizdata, except for minor corrections of typing errors and misspellings which have been made in the process of retyping. In the preparation of the master copy for reproduction, the research staff makes occasional footnotes of its own to call attention to any errors of substance, discrepancies or illegible sections in the original. Footnotes are also used to a limited extent to make cross-references to other Samizdat documents. These footnotes are not an integral part of the document and should not be so considered" (Register of Documents, 1973). The Samizdat Archives (SA) staff used this set of Sobranie Dokumentov Samizdata for reference purposes. Produced in a limited numbers of copies, the publication was distributed among a small number of national and university libraries “possessing facilities to make further reproductions available to the public". Originally eight repository libraries were selected (four in Europe and four in the United States): The Library of Congress (Washington, D.C., USA); the British Museum (London, England); Die Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (Munich); Bodleian Library (Oxford, England); The Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio, USA); The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA); Hoover Institution (Stanford, California, USA); University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Holland). The publishers of SDS considered it necessary to accompany it with the following note: “The compilers of the 'Sobranie dokumentov Samizdata’ make no claim in their own right to copyright on the collection as a whole or any separate documents. From the point of view of the compilers all documents of the 'Sobranie Dokumentov Samizdata’ may be quoted, cited or translated freely, with or without mention of Radio Liberty as the source of the collection. Attention is called to the fact, however, that certain items in the collection have been previously published in the West and thereby acquired copyright protection in the country of publication by virtue of the fact. Where such a claim to copyright is known to exist, this fact is stated in a footnote at the bottom of the first page of the relevant document. These items are included in the 'Sobranie dokumentov Samizdata’ with the explicit consent of the publisher. Persons wishing to make use of such copyright materials should apply for permission to the copyright holder. The Radio Liberty Committee, Inc. does reserve the right to prevent unauthorized reproductions of the 'Sobranie Dokumentov Samizdata’ as a whole or any of its separate volumes. Only the designated repository libraries are authorized to do so"

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English, Lithuanian, Russian, Ukrainian
Call Number Description
Archival boxes #1
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.1: AS 1-106 / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 1: АС 1-106, 1972
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.2: AS 107-154 / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 2: АС 107-154, 1972
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.3: AS 155-218 / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 3: АС 155- 218, 1972
Archival boxes #2
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.4: AS 219-301 / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 4: АС 219-301, 1973
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.5: AS 302-383 / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 5: АС 302-383, 1973
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.6: AS 384-470 / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 6: АС 384-470, 1973
Archival boxes #3
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.7: AS 471-543 / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 7: АС 471-543, 1974
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.8: AS 544-622 / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 8: АС 544- 622, 1974
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.9: AS 623-699 / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 9: АС 623-699, 1974
Archival boxes #4
Collection of Samizdat Documents: vol.10a: "Chronicle of Current Events," Issue 1-16 / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 10а: Хроника текущих событий, вып. 1 - 16, 1973
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.10b: "Chronicle of Current Events," Issue 17-32 / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 10б: Хроника текущих событий, вып. 17 - 32, 1973
Collection of Samizdat Documents: vol.11: Documents on Orthodox Church, part 1B: AS 700-769 / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 11: Документы о православной церкви, ч. 1Б: АС 700-769, 1975
Archival boxes #5
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.12: Documents on Crimean Tatars: AS 379-1946 / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 12: Документы о крымских татарах: АС 379-1946, 1975
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.13: Jewish Journals in Samizdat / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 13: Еврейские журналы в самиздате, 1974
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.14: Documents of Baptists (ECB) in USSR, Part 1: AS 441-799 / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 14: Документы баптистов (ЕХБ) в СССР, ч. 1: АС 441-799, 1977
Archival boxes #6
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol15: Documents of Baptists (ECB) in USSR, Part 2: AS 800-1241 / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 15: Документы баптистов (ЕХБ) в СССР, ч. 2: АС 800-1241, 1977
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.16: Obschestvennye Problemy (Social Problems), Issue 1-5 / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 16: Общественные проблемы, вып. 1 - 5, 1976
Archival boxes #7
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.17: Lithuanian Samizdat / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 17: Литовский самиздат, 1976
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.18: Ukranian Samizdat / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 18: Украинский самиздат, 1976
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.19: Documents of Baptists (ECB) in USSR, Part 3 / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 19: Документы баптистов (ЕХБ) в СССР, ч. 3, 1976
Archival boxes #8
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.20: Politicheskii Dnevnik / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 20: Политический дневник, 1976
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.21a: Veche, Issue 1-5 / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 21а: Вече, вып. 1 - 5, 1976
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.21b: Veche, Issue 6-9 / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 21б: Вече, вып. 6 - 9, 1976
Archival boxes #9
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.22: AS 1014-1135 / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 22: АС 1014-1135, 1977
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.23: AS 1136-1180 / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 23: АС 1136-1180, 1977
Archival boxes #10
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.24: AS 118-1290 / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 24: АС 118 - 1290, 1977
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.25: AS 1291-1299, AS 1392-1500 / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 25: АС 1291-1299, АС 1392 -1500, 1977
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.26: Orthodox Church Documents, part. 2 / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 26: Документы православной церкви, ч. 2, 1978
Archival boxes #11
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.27: Documents Related to Religious Question in the USSR / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 27: Документы о религиозном вопросе в СССР: АС 1300-1389, 1978
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.28: AS 1501-1599 / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 28: АС 1501-1599, 1978
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.29: AS 1600-1699 / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 29: АС 1600-1699, 1978
Archival boxes #12
Collection of Samizdat Documents, vol.30: Helsinki Samizdat from the USSR / Собрание документов самиздата, т. 30: Хельсинкский самиздат из СССР, 1978