Adi | At the Confluence

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Baruah, Joor, director.
English, Hindi, Assamese, Sino-Tibetan (Other).
United States of America ; India, 2016.
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HDD (21 min.)


Far east on the Himalayan border of India and China, live the tribal Adi people, who settle by the river Siang. The Adi culture is a unique and beautiful one with shamanic chants of their mythologies, animistic nature rituals, and amicable resolutions of disputes in their traditional courts. With the memories of 1962 Indo-China war still fresh, China now reasserts its territorial claim of the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, the land of the Adis. This conflict is extended to the water, and is becoming a great Dam war. On both sides of the border mega dams are being built on the elegant Siang that originates in Tibet, turns sharp through the Himalayas and flows down through the Adi villages to join the mighty river Brahmaputra in the valley of North East India. Director, Joor Baruah, questions whether peace will return to the borders and whether the Adis will remain Indian. He asks whether the mega-dams will have a catastrophic effect on the rivers, both Siang and the Brahmaputra downstream. Whether the tribal culture and language will survive without a script. Through a series of encounters with the Adis by the Siang, near the old town of Pasighat in Arunachal Pradesh, this journey probes for answers and portrays their inspiring resilience and hope.


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