I Was Born in Delhi

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Halder, Bishnu Dey, director.
Panjabi, Hindi.
Germany, 2012.
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DVD-ROM (52 min.)


Three sisters, Josna, Hasina, and Madhu come from a remote and conservative Indian village, where marriage, family, and motherhood are the only path towards a fulfilling life as a woman. But Josna, the elder sister, exposed to the world outside through the newly expanding media, TV, opposed the family’s plans to get her married at the age of 17. She did not want to settle into the traditional role of an obedient housewife and confine herself to the kitchen of her in-laws like her mother. Having grown up in abject poverty, she wanted to go to the city to look for a better life. Vehemently opposed by her three elder brothers, Josna ran away from home. Josna’s immediate younger sister, Hasina, joined her, while Madhu, the youngest sister, remained in the village. With time the uneducated sisters not only find their economic freedom but also become new individuals with their new names, new clothes, new language and new lifestyle. After six years of city life, the sisters are hounded by insecurity. Ironically, now, they see marriage as their only path to a secure and respectable future. They get desperate to get married before it is too late. The family wants the sisters to marry within their own community close to the village. But, living in a society where looks and money still matter the most in marriage, the family has struggled not only to manage the dowry but also to fight the ‘Delhi’ tag on the sisters.


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Verzio Film Festival Submission


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