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HU OSA 392-2-13 Video recordings of WITNESS: WITNESS partners' raw footage: WITNESS Kosovo Project
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DVD-ROM #20 / No. 1
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Moving image
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16 min.


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Members of the WITNESS Kosovo Project team traveled to the Kosovar countryside and filmed the gravesites of 20-30 massacred Kosovars. They were accompanied by a Kosovar Albanian woman who believes that her brother was buried in one of the unmarked graves. This video shows four mass grave sites. The first mass grave site is in Shiroka, near Suva Reka. There are 17 graves although it is thought that there are two or more people buried in many of the graves. The people buried were killed in the massacre that took place on May 18, 1999. A witness, Refki Gashi from Dubrava whose brother is buried at the site, is interviewed. |The second mass grave shown is in a suburb of Suva Reka where numerous victims from the March 25, 1999 massacre in Suva Reka are buried. The March 25 massacre occurred one day after the NATO attacks began. The third mass grave shown is in Suva Reka where more victims from the March 25, 1999 massacre are believed to be buried. Among the victims buried at this site are the Berisha family, Rekije Bega from Banje, some of the Gashi family, and Fazli Mamaj and his son Enver Mamaj. The fourth mass grave shown is also in Suva Reka. Seventy civilian victims from the massacre on March 25, 1999 are buried here.
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Serbia and Montenegro