[Massacre Site in Siceve Te Prishtines]

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HU OSA 392-2-13 Video recordings of WITNESS: WITNESS partners' raw footage: WITNESS Kosovo Project
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DVD-ROM #7 / No. 1
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Moving image
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36 min.


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This video contains footage from Siceve te Prishtina. Footage shows bodies of massacre victims being removed from the places where the Serbian police and paramilitary left them, and then being formally buried as mass gravesites. There are shots of people mourning the dead who are being interred. There are interviews with two survivors from Siceve te Prishtina. The first man interviewed is Sevdaim Beqir Berisha, who is 22 years old. He explains how Sylejman and Jahir Berisha, both 99 years old, were killed in their sleep by two hand grenades. There is footage of the room where they were killed, including room in disarray, bullet holes, shells on floor; He also tells how his mother, Shehide Berisha, along with Vahide Berisha, was killed on May 16, 1999 by Serbian police and paramilitary. The second man interviewed is Shpetim Gashi from the village of Jereli. He recounts how he survived the massacre on May 15, 1999 in Jereli. There is more footage of a burial - good shots of graves being dug, mourners, some with photos of their deceased, crowds watching, graves with wooden markers.
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Serbia and Montenegro