[1/3] [Kosovo Massacre Sites]

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HU OSA 392-2-13 Video recordings of WITNESS: WITNESS partners' raw footage: WITNESS Kosovo Project
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DVD-ROM #1 / No. 1
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29 min.


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The tape begins in a Kosovo town which is the site of a massacre that had occurred one and a half months earlier, on April 1, 1999, at Lebeniq, near Peja. There is an interview with a survivor of the massacre. He describes how he survived the massacre of his townspeople by playing dead. The house of Shaban Uskit on Rruga E Shosheve Street, where people were burned alive, is shown; Shots are of remains of the people including clothes, bones, and belongings, rubble. The second area shown is Musa Zajmi Street in the town of Gjakova, the site of a massacre that occurred just on April 13, 1999. Two interviews commence with men who had survived it. Salih Nikoliqi, a witness whose father, Xharrit Nikoliqi, was killed, talks about the destruction of the Shaqe Gorani's house where there are three unidentified cadavers. The witness states that Gojk Gojkoviqi is one of the people responsible for the massacre. In another part of Gjakova, Qarshi E Vogel street, the interviewee tells about the destroyed house of Tahir Nikoliqi, a disabled 70 year-old man who was burned alive in his house. The witness also identifies Gojk Gojkoviqi as a perpetrator. We are shown the fresh remains of their people and town.
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Serbia and Montenegro