Eastern Europe in 1985

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Eastern Europe in 1985
Munich (Germany): 27 December 1985
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This report was assigned the following topical and geographical subject headings by the RFE/RL: Country Series: Yugoslavia; Country Series: Romania; Country series: Albania; Country Series: Bulgaria; Country Series: Czechoslovakia; Country Series: German Democratic Republic; Foreign Relations Series: Eastern Europe; Country Series: Hungary; Country


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An information bulletin produced by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty based on extensive monitoring of communist bloc news outlets and primarily intended for internal circulation. Pieces were generally contributed by the staff of the research and analysis departments and treated current affairs in the region.
Records of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Research Institute: Publications Department: Background Reports (HU OSA 300-8-3)
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HU OSA 300-8-3-15262
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"Eastern Europe in 1985", 27 December 1985. HU OSA 300-8-3-15262; Records of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Research Institute: Publications Department: Background Reports; Open Society Archives at Central European University, Budapest.
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