Anti-semitic legislation in Slovakia and in Europe : collection of papers from the international scientific conference, Bratislava, September 8-9, 2011

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Bratislava : Ústav pamäti národa, 2015.
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439 p. ; 21 cm.


Fiamová, Martina, (editor)


Jews > Legal status, laws, etc. > Europe.

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[edited by Martina Fiamová]
Ján Vyhnánek: Anti-semitism as a historical phenomenon -- Daniel Krošlák: Nuremberg laws -- Ingo Loose: Anti-Jewish "legalism" in the Third Reich and its radicalization between 1935 and 1942. The example of Jewish property in occupied Poland -- Christine Schoenmakers: The jurisdiction as precursor for the financial and economic exploitation of the Jewish minority in the Altreich -- Gregory Weeks: Anti-semitic legislation and the Vienna Police, 1938-1942 -- Claudia Kuretsidis-Haider: Forced labor camps for Hungarian Jews along the South-East wall -- Pavel Suk: Introduction of Anti-Jewish laws in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia -- Jaromír Tauchen: Legislation on the disposal of Jewish property in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia -- Grzegorz Krzywiec: Some projects of Anti-Jewish discriminatory law in interwar Poland. Context and circumstances -- Federico Trocini: Science at the service of the race. Population and racial policy in fascist Italy: the case of Franco Savorgnan -- Kilian Bartikowski: Anti-semitic legislation in Italy from the national socialist viewpoint in the period 1938 to 1942 -- Piotr Podemski: "Discriminazione, non persecuzione?" The situation of Italian Jews in the years 1938-1943 -- Cinzia Villani: Jews in Italy (1943-1945): arrest, deportation and confiscation of property -- Bryce Evans: "Swindling the peasants and the poor of Ireland": the cultural-legal standing of Jews in the 1930s and 1940 Ireland -- Michael Mayer: Racial legislation in France and Germany - comparing the implementation of Anti-Jewish policies -- Tomáš Gábriš: Anti-Jewish measures in the Netherlands in the period of the World War II and their parallels with Slovak legislation -- Michal Malatinský: Human rights of the Slovak Jewish population, according to the Jewish Code and a pre-code amendment -- Mara Dissegna: The Jewish Code on the pages of the American Jewish Yearbook -- Rudolf Manik: Anti-semitic legislation in the legal practice of Slovakia and in neighboring countries in 1939-1945 -- Martina Fiamová: Aryanization of land in Slovakia in 1939-1945 -- Ján Drgo: Legislative aspects of Anti-Jewish policy of emigration explained on the example of the wartime Slovak Republic and Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia between the years 1939 and 1942 -- Bogdan Wrzochalski: Racial legislation in Slovakia (1939-1945) in terms of the philosophical-legal and international public law -- Marta Švoliková: Hungarian Anti-Jewish legislation and its implications. Example of the Jewish community in Levice -- Miroslav Svirčević: Anti-Jewish decree in Serbia and Camp "Sajmište" in Belgrade (Semlin Judenlager) -- Marija Vulesica: Anti-Semitic legislation in the Independent State of Croatia in 1941 -- Natalya Lazar: From Anti-Jewish policies to genocide: the fate of Bukovina Jewry -- Liviu Carare: Racial legislation in Romania. Case-study: Jews of Bukovina and the "Star of David" (1941-1944) -- Jan Rychlík: Anti-Jewish legislation in Bulgaria 1940-1944 -- Trajčo Arsov: The final solution in Yugoslav Macedonia.


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