Hot Wind (Episode 07) - On the Barricades

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Vruć vetar (Epizoda 07) - Na barikadama
Đorđević, Aleksandar, director.
Yugoslavia : RTV Beograd, 1980.
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DVD-ROM (54 min.)
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The DVD consists of the four concluding episodes of this classic Yugoslav TV-series structured essentially as a sequence of full features, with each episode portraying a new formative period in the life of Borivoje Šurdilović- Šurda. While episodes vary in quality, the best ones nicely illustrate the setbacks and advantages of living under late Yugoslav communism. In the seventh episode Šurda is finally in his own apartment, but without his peace of mind since he can open the door only with a secret password. When his wife begins to work as a stewardess, Šurda spends most of his time in court. He fights several simultaneous legal charges following his illegal move, acquiring considerable skill in the process. Eventually and not without ridiculing the Yugoslav legal system, the verdict arrives. Šurda should move out of the apartment, but his firm must take him back. While Šurda’s family hide in the apartment waiting for the police to evict them, his uncle Firga is told that he has been allocated an apartment as his former house was demolished. All of them, except for Bob who is finally jailed, try to move into the apartment, only to find out that it is already occupied by an illegal tenant.



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Hot Wind (Episode 07) - On the Barricades


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