Hot Wind (Episode 03) - Guestworker

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Vruć vetar (Epizoda 03) - Gastarbajter
Đorđević, Aleksandar, director.
Yugoslavia : RTV Beograd, 1980.
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DVD-ROM (61 min.)
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In the third episode of the series Šurda’s irresponsible behavior leads to new outbursts of rage from his uncle Firga. Unwilling to finance his nephew’s easy life, Firga sends him off back to his home village. There he meets Bob, who has just returned from abroad, wearing smart suits and paying for everyone in foreign currency. Impressed by Bob’s new appearance, Šurda begins to learn German and eventually follows Bob to Vienna, hoping that with his help he too will begin a new and wonderful life. But in Vienna, Šurda realizes that Bob is actually living off the good will of the older women whom he seduces in exchange for a roof above his head. When the most recent one decides that she has had enough of Bob’s tricks and throws him out, Šurda’s hopes of making it in the foreign world are rapidly destroyed.

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Hot Wind (Episode 03) - Guestworker


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