Hot Wind (Episode 09) - Shipwreck

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Vruć vetar (Epizoda 09) - Brodolom
Đorđević, Aleksandar, director.
Yugoslavia : RTV Beograd, 1980.
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DVD-ROM (55 min.)
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In the ninth episode Šurda is suspicious upset and about Vesna’s frequent absences from home and frequent, mysterious telephone conversations which end abruptly when someone else answers the phone. Not without the reason, since Vesna’s alienation reaches a maximum. Not only has she bought her own flat, but she has found a rich lover whom she plans to marry, taking their son with her. In the meanwhile, Bob is out of prison and actually working regular hours, though hardly with great enthusiasm. It is he who confirms Šurda’s suspicions about Vesna, since her lover happens to be Bob’s rich and powerful director. Bob tries to convince Šurda to give up as he stands no chance of getting her back, but surprisingly Šurda finds inner strength to fight for his wife. He successfully threatens Vesna’s lover and gives her an ultimatum –either she starts behaving like a decent wife, or they split. Seeing that her lover has doubts about divorcing his own wife Vesna agrees to return to Šurda.



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Hot Wind (Episode 09) - Shipwreck


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