Hot Wind (Episode 05) - Married Couple

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Vruć vetar (Epizoda 05) - Bračni par
Đorđević, Aleksandar, director.
Yugoslavia : RTV Beograd, 1980.
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DVD-ROM (50 min.)
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The fifth episode follows the ups and downs of a newly wedded couple. Šurda and Vesna have moved into an already overcrowded house, causing further tension because Firga and grandmother now have to sleep in the kitchen. Their marriage is hardly a dream, either: they argue constantly and while Šurda returns to his usual behavior, Vesna shows another face as well. Refusing to finance Šurda’s lifestyle, she quits her job and enrolls in a language course. Firga in the meanwhile manages to find Šurda a job in a construction firm, but Šurda stays loyal to his former work ethic and keeps complaining about the low wages, while showing no respect at all to his superiors. Šurda’s father arrives in Belgrade with his belated wedding gift, only to find the young couple in the middle of divorce procedures. In a court, Bob suddenly appears and immediately becomes Šurda’s attorney, trying to protect his interests in the divorce. However, when it is revealed that Vesna is pregnant, the young couple make up and agree to try all over again. Faced with the prospect of becoming a father, Šurda withdraws the notice he has just handed in, frustrating his superiors in the process.



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Hot Wind (Episode 05) - Married Couple


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