Bloody Tricolor

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HU OSA 350-3-1 Records of the International Monitor Institute: Africa: Rwanda
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BetaSP NTSC #10 / No. 1
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Moving image
English, French, Kinyarwanda, English
43 min.
Warning: graphic images.


Documentary film
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A BBC documentary on the involvement of France in Rwanda prior to the genocide. It investigates the extent of French covert military assistance to the Rwandan government between 1990 and 1994, as well as the role of the 'Network - Zero' and the Interhamvwe in the massacres. While reflecting on the fact that France provided more aid and development money to Rwanda during the Habyarimana regime than any other European power, the film attempts to explain why a European power would take such a strong interest in the affairs of such a small central African nation. Furthermore the film traces the genesis of the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) back to the refugees who fled Rwanda during the Hutu revolution in the early 1960's. The report includes numerous interviews with government officials including President Mitterrand's son, Jean-Christophe Mitterrand (Presidential Adviser on African Affairs from 1988 to 1992), General Jospeh Canal (Commander of French Forces in Africa during 1991 and 1992), Georges Martres (French Ambassador to Rwanda, 1989-1993), Emmanuel Habyarimana (Politician and former Rwandan soldier in the Rwandan Armed Forces), and Chrisophe Mfizi (Rwandan Ambassador to France). Featuring in the film are also Janvier Africa (Rwandan Journalist), Jean Carbonare (International Human Rights Commission mission to Rwanda and President of "Operation Survie"), Alison Des Forges (historian and human rights activist), Col. Luc Marchal (Commander U.N. Forces Kigali Sector, 1993-1994), Dr. Jean Herve Bradol (Médecins Sans Frontières), Dr. Eric Girard (Freelance Photographer), Rose Rwanga (survivor), and Pierre Messmer (Prime Minister of France, 1972-1974).


Associated Names
Hewlett, Steve (Editor)
Rekkas, Faria (Investigator)
Harrison, David (Creator/Author, Director, Producer)
Bradshaw, Stephen (Presenter)