The Rwandan Series: Hand of God, Hand of the Devil [2/2]

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HU OSA 350-3-1 Records of the International Monitor Institute: Africa: Rwanda
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BetaSP NTSC #5 / No. 1
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Moving image
English, French, Kinyarwanda, English, French
50 min.
Tape R5 (English Version), Tape R8 (French Version). Tape R5 contains 14' of "A Church Without a Conscience," available on FA container #1. A better quality is available in the "Records of the Open Society Institute - New York" collection (HU OSA 208-3-1) at FA container #174.


Documentary film
Contents Summary
The second volume of the three-part film series on Rwanda investigates Rwanda’s colonial past and explores Canada's role in the development of the genocidal ideology that started taking shape in the early 1960s when the country gained its independence and Belgian missionaries fled the country. The film tells the story of Father Claude Simard who was murdered in October 1994 in the Rwandan village of Ruyenzi and Brother François Cardinal (Brothers of Christian Instruction, a lay Catholic order) who was assassinated in Kigali by a six-person commando squad. Besides interviews with victims of the genocide as well as perpetrators, the film features interviews with: Brother François Cardinal, Father Georges Henri Leveque, Christine Stewart (Canadian Politician), Grégoire Kayibanda (the first elected President of the Republic of Rwanda), Ltd. Celestin Kayitenkule, Capt. Tim Leesberg (Canadian UNAMIR), Major General Guy De Tousignant (Commander U.N. Mission to Rwanda, UNAMIR), Paul Kagame (Former Minister of Defense and Former Vice-President of Rwanda), and Ltd. Wilson Gamesirire.


Associated Names
Grana, Sam (Director)
Rekkas, Faria (Investigator)
Lacourse, Daničle (Director)
Patry, Yvan (Director)
Alter-Ciné (Producer)
Alter Ciné, Inc. (Copyright holder)
Telefilm Canada (Producer)