The Rwandan Series: Sitting on a Volcano [1/2]

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HU OSA 350-3-1 Records of the International Monitor Institute: Africa: Rwanda
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BetaSP NTSC #4 / No. 1
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English, French, Kinyarwanda, English, French
55 min.
Tape R4 (English Version), Tape R9 (French Version). Tape R4 contains 10' of Vol. 2 of the Rwandan Series: "Hand of God, Hand of Devil," available on FA container #5. Tape R9 contains a 10' incomplete interview with Augustin Bizimana in Goma camp, Zaire. A longer interview is available on FA container #55.


Documentary film
Contents Summary
"Sitting on a Volcano," the first volume of a three-part film series on Rwanda, follows the exodus of hundreds of thousands of Hutus who fled Rwanda to take refuge in neighboring countries. Shot in different refugee camps in Rwanda and Zaire (Democratic Republic of Congo), the documentary stresses the incapacity of the international community to protect refugees: one year after the slaughter, they still find themselves trapped between gangs of Rwandan war criminals in control of the refugee camps and their country's new leaders, who show little interest in reconciliation. Features interviews with: Michael Marchen (Toronto policeman, CARE Canada), Alain Destexhe (Doctors Without Borders), Chris Janowski (U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees), Lynn Ngugi (social worker, CARE Kenya), Augustin Bizimana (Former Rwandan Defense Minister), Gen. Guy De Tousignant (Commander U.N. Mission to Rwanda, UNAMIR), Faustin Twagiramungu (Prime Minister of Rwanda), Alphonse Marie Nkubito (Rwandan Minister of Justice), and Antoine Sibumana (Bourgmestre of Mbazi).


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Grana, Sam (Producer)
Rekkas, Faria (Investigator)
Lacourse, Daničle (Creator/Author)
Patry, Yvan (Creator/Author)
Alter-Ciné (Producer)
Alter Ciné, Inc. (Copyright holder)
National Film Board of Canada (Producer)
Vision TV (Producer)