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Press Accounts: [US Media: The Boston Globe]
1995 - 1996
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UN officials can not confirm that Serbia sent helicopters to Bosnia in violation of its pledge not to assist Bosnian Serbs.
Bosnian Serbs block aid to Muslims in the enclaves in Eastern Bosnia.
Sarajevo airport was closed after bullets hit a UN plane.
What is the next move of the West after Bosnian Serbs' capture of the safe area of Srebrenica?.
The Pope laments the defeat of civilization in Bosnia.
US rights envoy, Tadeusz Mazowiecki, accuses Serbs of barbarous acts committed in the enclave of Srebrenica.
The Human Rights Watch says that the UN failed to protect the safe area of Srebrenica.
David Rohde, Christian Science Monitor reporter who was detained by the Bosnia Serbs has returned to the United States.
Dutch doctors have charged they were ordered not to treat injured Muslims during the fall of Srebrenica.


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