Press Accounts: [US Media: The Washington Post]

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Press Accounts: [US Media: The Washington Post]
1993 - 1994
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US rejects the French plea for tougher actions in Bosnia: Washington will not expand its military role nor impose an accord.
The UN offers Bosnians life, but no hope.
NATO has plan for massive airstrikes against Bosnian Serb forces.
Serbs move guns from Goražde, possibly for a new offensive.
Bosnian Serb gunners destroy UN fuel truck and kill a British soldier.
The Bosnian Serb forces push into the Bihać safe area: NATO allies strand by, unable to agree on response to assault.
UN rejects the call to hit the Serb.
The Bosnian Serbs free about 120 UN troops: Miločević says he arranged the release.
UN rejects NATO’s request to bomb the Bosnian Serb forces after ‘no-fly’ violations.
Bosnian Muslims seize UN arms: weapons to be used to defend enclaves from the Bosnian Serb’s attacks.
New proof offered of the Bosnian Serbs' atrocities: US analysts identify more mass graves in Bosnia.


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