Press Accounts: [Bosnian Media]

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Press Accounts: [Bosnian Media]
1995 - 1998
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Serbian tanks entered Srebrenica: UNPROFOR has threatened Mladić.
On the monstrosities in Srebrenica: the Chetniks were slaughtering, the Blue Helmets were observing.
List of missing persons from Bijeli Potok (Zvornik) from 1st of June 1992.
Dutch UN soldiers withdraw from their positions near Srebrenica.
Ibran Mustafić: the Presidency and the staff have sacrificed Srebrenica.
Srebrenica after one year: the real dimensions of the tragedy to be known in years but remembered in centuries.
Esad Hećimović: how they sold Srebrenica and kept their positions in the government.
New letter from Ratko Mladić to Bernard Janvier: change the ultimatums with negotiations.
Karadžić: there will be no massacre in Srebrenica, like it happened in Slavonia.
The Bosnian Serb Army is continuing with searching of the Srebrenica area to find and destroy Muslim terrorist groups.
Radovan Karadžić: the Serbs would have never attacked the so-called safe areas if they were demilitarized and didn’t function as Muslim bases for preparation of attacks.


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