Akashi, Yasushi [UN Under Secretary for Humanitarian Affairs]

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Akashi, Yasushi [UN Under Secretary for Humanitarian Affairs]
1995 - 1996
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67 pages


Draft report of the UN Secretary General on the implementation of the mandate of UNPROFOR.
Response to a letter from Radovan Karadžić by the United Nations’ Secretary General.
Correspondence between Kofi Annan and Yasushi Akashi.
UN press briefing on the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina from May 16, 1995.


HU OSA 377-0-1 Subject Files (HU OSA 377-0-1)
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HU OSA 377-0-1 Subject Files


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Akashi, Yasushi, Annan, Kofi, Babić, Milan, Janvier, Bernard, Karadžić, Radovan, Milošević, Slobodan, Tuđman, Franjo, Vance, CyrusDemilitarization, Freedom of movement, Humanitarian mission, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation), NATO air strikes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, No-fly zones, Safe areas, Sarajevo Airport, Tuzla airport, United Nations, UNPROFOR (United Nations Protection Forces), UNSC (United Nations Security Council), Use of force
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