Press Accounts: [Dutch Media]

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Press Accounts: [Dutch Media]
1995 - 1998
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124 pages


The UN deliberately gave up Srebrenica.
Various news related to the Dutchbat in Srebrenica in Dutch.
Correspondence between Rupert Smith and Bernard Janvier: the Dutchbat was screwed.
Emotional release at the arrival of the Dutchbat servicemen in the Netherlands.
The attack that did not come: where were the promised planes for Srebrenica?.
The fall of Srebrenica explained by the Dutch Minister of Defense, Joris Voorhoeve.


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Bildt, Carl, Boutros-Ghali, Boutros, de Jonge, Harm, Janvier, Bernard, Juppe, Alain, Karadžić, Radovan, Karremans, Tom, Mazowiecki, Tadeusz, Mladić, Ratko, Muratović, Hasan, Nicolai, Cornelis, Rohde, David, Silajdžić, Haris, Smith, Rupert, van den Broek, Hans, van Kappen, Frank, Voorhoeve, JorisChristian Democratic Appeal, Contact Group, Democrats 66, Dutch militaries, Dutch Ministry of Defense, Dutchbat, Genocide, ICTY (International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia), Moral responsibility, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation), NATO air strikes, Observation posts, UN ultimatum, United Nations, UNPROFOR (United Nations Protection Forces), War crimes
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