Strana i nauka

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Strana i nauka = Country and Science
Soviet Union: 1974
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00:51:33 : digital video


History of the Russian Academy of sciences: the crucial role of Mikhail Lomonosov in developing Russian science, geographic expeditions in the 19th century, geometry of Nikolai Lobachevskii, periodical table of Dmitrii Mendeleev, Lenin's role in the management and promotion of Soviet science, Research Institute of Physics and Chemistry founded by Lev Karpov; experiments by Ivan Pavlov, North Pole expeditions, State Electrification Plan (GOELRO), the first Soviet cyclotron, republican branches of the Academy of Sciences, the role of Soviet science in first five-year plans and in World War II, Sergei Vavilov’s elaboration of luminescent lamps in the late 1940s, the construction of the new building for Moscow State University, the research on potential uses of nuclear energy for peaceful ends, Akademgorodok in Novosibirsk, scientific center in Vladivostok, Tashkent University, cybernetics, Kursk Magnetic Anomaly, development of new sorts of grain, protein synthesis, gas and oil production in West Siberia, the Institute of Economics and Mathematics, Voronezh atomic power plant, contacts and exchange with foreign scientists, prospects for practical uses of laser, and Soviet Space program.


Soviet Propaganda Film Collection (HU OSA 424-0-1)
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Zeniakin, Arkadii (director)
Gastev, Aleksei (script)


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Lomonosov, Mikhail, Lobachevskii, Nikolai, Mendeleev, Dmitrii, Lenin, Karpov, Lev, Pavlov, Ivan, Vavilov, Sergei, Brezhnev, LeonidGeology, Chemistry, Physics, Cosmology, IT, Nuclear plant, Oil production, WWII
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HU OSA 424-0-1-101
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"Strana i nauka", 1974. HU OSA 424-0-1-101; Soviet Propaganda Film Collection; Open Society Archives at Central European University, Budapest.
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