Sovetskii diplom

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Sovetskii diplom = Soviet Diploma
Soviet Union: 1982
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00:49:57 : digital video


Graduates from Soviet educational institutions working in their home countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe, among them Congolese cameraman Jean-Batiste Elanga, employees of Veterinary Research Institute and Children’s hospital in Brazzaville, Bulgarian architect Georgii Stoilov, and Hungarian transport engineer András Dunajszky, energetics engineer Nevil Rajapeksa in Sri-Lanka, and others, international student life in Patrice Lumumba People’s Friendship University in Moscow, the Mineral Resources University in Leningrad, the Institute of Oil and Chemistry in Baku, Kiev University of Civil Aviation, and other universities, common space flight of Arnaldo Tamayo Méndez and Yurii Romanenko on Soyuz 38 spaceship, Cuban circus artists educated in the Soviet Union, staging the ballet Spring by Cuban choreographer Alberto Méndez in the Budapest Opera House, with Soviet-educated Hungarian dancers, Syrian, Palestinian and Mongol students in the Repin Institute of Fine Arts in Leningrad.


Soviet Propaganda Film Collection (HU OSA 424-0-1)
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Kalinina, Irina (director)
Litviakov, Mikhail (director)


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Elanga, Jean-Batiste, Stoilov, Georgii, Dunajszky, András, Rajapeksa, Nevil, Méndez, Arnaldo Tamayo, Romanenko, Yury, Méndez, AlbertoHigher education, Colonialism, Healthcare, Childcare, Chemistry, Oil production, Metallurgy, Ballet, Choir, International relations
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HU OSA 424-0-1-107
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"Sovetskii diplom", 1982. HU OSA 424-0-1-107; Soviet Propaganda Film Collection; Open Society Archives at Central European University, Budapest.
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